Сочинение на тему 
Many people enjoy watching TV. However some people believe it can be harmful

  Nowadays the television is very popular among people. But somebody consider it to be curse for health to the first point of view.
  First and fore most there are no doubts that such things like TV and the internet are ones of the most great inventions of the the world. Anol as for the TV it's a wide spread medium available for everybody. More over it's very convenience. As you don't need to go out to the shop and spend adolition money for magazines or newspapers for getting news. You just need to stoey at home and turn on your television. Simple ! Besides today watching TV  a pleasure rhing a holly. And excellent way to spend your free time
  But however don't completely agree with it. From opinion TV is not so useful as harmful especially for our health. Watching TV takes All our spaire time. You begin refuse from active rest. And just prefer to be at home with this black box instead of. Walking and being with your nearest and dearest.
  But in such way I think all depends on person . A clever humar would never change his other family,friend,work and other important life things to television.
  So in conclusion I want to say that I'm fond of watching films and sport matches.

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