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Being young brings a lot of problem

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  Сочинение на тему
Being young brings a lot of problem

  Most people consider the life of teenagers easy and eight-hearted. But most teens themselves don't agree with it. I stick to the first point of view.
  First and foremost youth is a really happy and carefree time. As you don't have adult problems. You must not earn money and live on your own because you have parents who will always love and provide you by everything you need. Moreover , you still have enaigh time ro spend it with your friends or dates.
  However, somebody won't agree with me. In their opinion being a youngster is a great responsibility. Firstly,this a period of hard working at school and university to get education. But from year to year it becomes more and more difficult. As the educational system creates new kinds of exams,tests and what not. Besides in contemporary world teens can meet such dangerous things like violence,alchohol,drugs etc. And one always need to be careful to avoid these influences.
  But I think it's not like that. Studying in comparison real problem of grain up people. What is more you are still surrainited by your dearest and nearest who you may ask for help. As for the second question depend on the person. If you won't do it and no matter what others say.
  In conclusion I'd like to say I'm pretty happy to be young and spend this time people I love.

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I can't understand what are f*ck is this? It's something like a composition for the students?



:rofl:  это сочинение , ну кто сдает долбаный ЕГЭ , вот это fu*k для них  :stupor:


Вы здесь » Seo Форум Smo советы Дорвеи » Школа » Being young brings a lot of problem